Endpoint Security

While security technology is becoming more sophisticated, so do the attack tools, tactics, and methods. Attackers today are becoming more successful in discovering the weak points in a corporate security strategy – and right now, they are zeroing on endpoints.

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Endpoint Security

• Response: Sophisticated endpoint protection coupled with dedicated security professionals rapidly improves an organisations’ ability to hunt for, detect and respond to threats across endpoint devices.
• Continuous Monitoring: Monitoring processes and binaries across network hosts in real-time can identify a broad range of known and unknown attack vectors. Advanced threats identified include Command & Control (C2) activity, policy violations, application-specific attacks, file-based malware, and more.
• Proactive: Seek out threats based on suspicious patterns of behaviour and indicators of compromise (IOCs), EDR significantly enhances threat hunting capabilities and helps to reduce the time of detection for attacks from months to minutes.
• Integration- Advanced endpoint protection provides insight into the kill chain of attacks in order to identify the root cause and scope of intrusions as well as facilitate the swift isolation of infected hosts.


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